iCSD 2021

Du 20/09/2021 au 22/09/2021

Lyon - France

Keynote speakers

Oscar Herreras
Head of the department of experimental and computational electrophysiology at the Cajal institute of Madrid. His work focus on normal and abnormal neuronal transmission from the subcellular level to translational research. Notably he worked on spreading epolarization’s fundamental aspects at the cellular and network levels.

Mickael Tanter
Director of the Physics for Medicine laboratory in Paris, a French research unit inventing innovative technologies for medical imaging and therapy. His research expanded ultrasound imaging capacities beyond the fundamental limits of ultrasound to a wide range of new methods for medical screening, diagnosis and therapy.

Christine R. Rose
Professor at the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf. Her work is devoted to the study and elucidation of intracellular ion signaling in the vertebrate brain, its cellular pathways and its functional consequences under physiological as well as pathophysiological conditions. She mainly concentrates on elucidating intracellular sodium signaling as a new form of ionic excitability of neurons and astrocytes.

Serge Charpak
Research director at the Institut de la Vision, Paris. His team develops tools to study the interactions between neurons, glial cells and blood vessels. For instance, they optimized biphotonic microscopy to measure neural oxygen levels opening up a new way of recording brain activity.